Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eli Roth tweets link to Adam Holland Blog

Eli Roth (aka "Bear Jew" of Inglorious Basterds) has tweeted a link to my post concerning Hutton Gibson's interview with the racist radio program Political Cesspool. (Read that post here.)

 The Political Cesspool program is broadcast on a number of local radio stations and via webstreams, links to which can be found on countless racist websites. Its host has been associated with Pat Buchanan's Reform Party (for which he was a delegate and candidate) and is currently associated with two racist political organizations: the Council of Conservative Citizens -- formerly known as the White Citizens Council -- (read here) and the newly formed American Third Position Party (read  here and here). The program has provided a media forum for David Duke and others of his ilk, as well as allegedly mainstream right-wing political figures such as Pat Buchanan and his sister Bay Buchanan, and Ron Paul aides Lew Rockwell and Walter Block. According to one blog post (read here), Ron Paul himself appeared on Political Cesspool as well, although that program has been scrubbed from the archive.  (A list of the show's guests is available here. My posts concerning the Political Cesspool program can be read here.)

Hutton Gibson used his Political Cesspool interview to expound at length on his belief that "the Antichrist" controls a world-dominating conspiracy (read "Jews and Freemasons") which has taken over every national government in the world and the leadership of the Catholic Church. Gibson also used to interview to advocate the formation of militias in reaction to the election of Barack Obama as president, and expressed his endorsement of Ron Paul as the "only candidate worth supporting".

It seems that Hutton Gibson's son Mel is on Bear Jew's fighting side as the result of his repeated racist, anti-Semitic and misogynist statements.

 I noticed that, while the Inglorious Basterds did attend the last Academy Awards ceremony, Mel Gibson did not. Coincidence?


Infensus Mentis said...

"The Bear Jew" threatens to kill Mel Gibson. You should be outraged at this despicable display of hate, Adam.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gibson was back on Cesspool last night (August 7) and armed with more zingers! Would love to see a follow-up post, Adam. This interview was even more disturbing than the original, if you can imagine!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my comment! Just finished listening to as much of the audio as I could take. Gibson's return to Political Cesspool was a homophobic hate-fest from reel to reel. Gibson said the Pope is "queer" among many other lowlights. Hopefully people like you and Mr. Roth will ensure that this gets exposed.

Anonymous said...
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