Thursday, October 22, 2009

Somalia blames Israel for Somali pirates

This one I didn't see coming. According to an Islamist website, the leaders of Somalia have found a hidden hand behind the Somali pirates, and they've proposed a retaliatory measure. Their audience just might be receptive to this proposal.

from İslâmi Dave: Somali pirates have links to Israel

"(The) Somali representative to Arab League-affiliated office in charge of boycott of Israel said there are links between the Zionist regime and the pirates who are based on Somalian coasts.

"Mohammad Haj-Yousef told IRIB in Damascus that the pirates are backed by some foreign companies which have links to the Zionist regime.

"The Somalian trade official said that the regime seeks to destabilize the Somalian coasts through supporting the pirates, adding that the regime has cast an occupying eye beyond Palestine to the Sea of Oman and the whole region.

"Haj-Yousef said that the Somalian government taking the situation into account has prepared necessary measures to boycott Israeli affiliated companies and corporations in a bid to block the regime’s infiltration into the region.

"He urged Arab and Islamic countries to seriously deal with calls for boycott of Israel adding that the regime would be weakened through such moves."

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vildechaye said...

As if any action was needed to destabilize Somalia's coasts or any other part of that sad excuse for a country. One can only feel great sorrow and pity for the millions of ordinary people unfortunate enough to reside there.


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