Thursday, December 4, 2008

Torture in Mumbai

Ben Cohen at Z-Word has a digest of the see-sawing reports concerning whether the Mumbai Chabad House vicitims were tortured. Read it here: Torture in Mumbai at Z-Word Blog.

Here's part of what he has to say:

(T)he New York Times reports that torture did apparently take place:

Gruesome new evidence also emerged Thursday suggesting that some of the six people killed at the Jewish center in Mumbai had been treated savagely. Some of the bodies appeared to have strangulation marks and wounds on their bodies did not come from gunshots or grenades, the police said.

More details will doubtless emerge in the coming days. But I can’t help thinking about something which Sandra Samuels, the heroic nanny who pulled Moshe Holzberg to safety, recounted about the rescue: “When I got upstairs all the terrorists were apparently on the roof. I found Moishe standing next to his parents. Everything was full of blood. I grabbed him, went outside the room and ran outside.”

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