Saturday, March 15, 2008

Neo-Nazi still listed as county coordinator for Ron Paul campaign

Neo-Nazi activist Will Williams is still listed as County Coordinator of the Ron Paul campaign for Johnson County, Tenn. .

read here: Ron Paul 2008 › States › Tennessee › County Coordinators

(His email address is still listed there as "whitewil", short for his nickname "White Will".)

This in spite of the fact that the AP has reported about Williams role in the campaign (read here), Williams has issued a statement advocating both racism and Ron Paul, and a Paul campaign spokesman has disavowed Williams' views. Well, if they disavow his views, why do they continue to allow him to operate within their campaign? Williams statement to the press indicated that serving in this position has "been great. I've met a lot of pissed-off white Americans. Lots of them." The Paul campaign must not allow racists to network and organize under their aegis.

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