Friday, January 4, 2008

Poles to publish book on Polish Holocaust crimes

from Deborah Lipstadt’s Blog: Poland and the Holocaust: Jan Gross' book, Fear, about to appear in Polish translation:

"This may be the biggest event of the year." So said a reporter from Rzeczpospolita, one of Poland's leading dailies, when he called to interview me this afternoon. Fear, which examines some -- many -- Poles' treatment of Jews during and immediately after the Holocaust. He has found some horrifying evidence. It is unclear just how widespread this antisemitic behavior was, but, according to Gross, it was not unique to Jedvabne [Yed-vab-nia] the town in which the Jewish residents were murdered in the period right before the entry of
the Germans into the town. Gross wrote about that town in Neighbors.The book
strikes at the Polish self-image of the nation as a "victim." I reviewed the book in Publisher's Weekly [the review is posted on Amazon] and then commented on it subsequently in previous posts.More on this as it evolves. It will be a striking example of how history is not confined to the past. In fact it's not even over.


Anonymous said...

Gross is entirely marginalized and everybody knows he is a liar.

Adam Holland said...


When you say "entirely" and "everyone", can you be a bit more specific? Clearly, Gross' work has plenty of supporters and justifiably so. Why do you disagree? Has Gross' revelations of Polish atrocities during and after World War II offended you in some way?


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