Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ronpaulian webbots attack!

This blog has received more comments about Ron Paul than about any other subject. Some of these are hand crafted, while others are off the rack items that appear as comments on many blogs. Occasionally, the off the rack approach flubs and the comment doesn't mesh up with the subject discussed in the post.

One recent example of the latter was an extended attack on Michael Medved, with whom I have no connection and little political common ground. Medved famously picked up on the ronpaulian - neo-Nazi connections that I have much less famously been discussing on my little blog. Apparently, whoever's programming the attach of the killer ronpaulian webbots didn't read one of my pieces on this subject before targeting me for a comment devoted to a lengthy attack on Medved. (By the way, Medved is an easy target for a number of reasons, but the comment was extremely weak both in style and sophistication of analysis. It consisted of few facts and much name-calling). The problem was that I've never mentioned Medved on this blog. I was targeted by some automated system involving web-search alerts. Medved's piece was reposted and linked to extensively and I guess the Paul campaign simply didn't have the manpower to read all the blogs they wanted to post rebuttals on. They just sent out the bots.

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Anonymous said...

G-d bless you, Adam; you're doing really important work here.
It's appalling that the media isn't doing this kind of work--either they're too lazy, or they're afraid to do the work for fear of harassment (as we all know would happen).


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