Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New wrinkle on the Japanese textbook controversy

No longer satisfied with rewriting history to deny the Rape of Nanking, the enslavement of the "comfort women", and other attrocities (the Japanese version of holocaust-denial), the far-right, ultra-nationalist Japensese revisionist group ironically called "Association for Advancement of Unbiased View of History" (see their website here, and a wikipedia entry on their founder here) is now promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. They claim that the fact that a Jewish attorney on General MacArthur's staff worked on the Japanese Constitution indicates the hidden hand of the Jewish conspiracy to dominate Japan!

Read their ravings here: The Hidden Hand: The Jewish Role in Post-War Japan by Aldric Hama

NOTE: The leader of the Japanese revisionist history movement, which has had great impact both within Japan and on Japanese relations with China and South Korea, is Nobukatsu Fujioka.

UPDATE (4/1/07): Here's a Washington Post piece on this (by Steve Clemons) that you might find interesting. And here's a recent blog piece on the subject by Mr. Clemons.

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