Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who are the terrorists who murdered the Fogel family?

from the Jerusalem Post:

Itamar terrorist's uncle, an PFLP member, transported shooter in 2002 settlement attack in which wife and 3 children were killed.

Several Palestinians from the village of Awarta were arrested in recent days in connection with the brutal slaying of five members of the Fogel family in their Itamar home last month, the IDF and Shin Bet said on Sunday following the lifting of a media ban on the investigation.

The main suspects are Hakim Maazan Niad Awad, arrested on April 5, and Amjad Mahmed Fauzi Awad, arrested on April 10.

Hakem and Amjad Awwad, susepcts in Itamar murders
Aged 18, Hakim Awad is a high school student who has been linked by security forces to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terror group in his home village of Awarta.

In October 2010, he stabbed a number of youths during a personal feud with them, the IDF said.

His father, Maazan, is a PFLP member who served 5 years in a Palestinian Authority prison in the late 1990s for the murder of a female cousin and the burning of her body.

Awad's uncle, Jibril Awad, was a PFLP member who transported a terrorist to Itamar in 2002. In that attack, the wife and three children of Itamar security officer Boaz Shevo were shot dead in their home.

In 2003, Jibril Awad was killed in a firefight with the IDF.

Amjad Mahmed Fauzi Awad, a student, is of the same clan as the first suspect but is not directly related. He has links with the PFLP, according to security sources. Amjad worked in Israel for a period of time.

Suspected accomplices under arrest:

Salah Aladin Salim Awad, 31, of Awarta, is a PFLP member and Hakim's uncle. He is suspected of aiding and abetting the suspects in covering their tracks after the murders, telling them to burn their blood-soaked clothes, and sending the firearms they stole from Itamar to a friend in Ramallah.

Jad Avid, 31, of Ramallah, is suspected of hiding the firearms after receiving them from Salah. He was arrested in his home and the firearms were seized by the IDF.

Maazan Niad Awad, 43, of Awarta, is Hakim's father and a PFLP member.

Mahmed Saeed Awad, 26, is a PFLP member in Awarta who the suspects turned to with a request to procure firearms ahead of the Itamar attacks.

Who are the terrorists who murdered the Fogel family?

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